The site will help you quickly find information about the Notes / Domino ecosystem.
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About This Site

The inspiration for this site comes largely from the desire to have a curated collection of the critical movers and shakers in the Notes/Domino community. This encompasses people, companies, and products.

The people who put their precious time and energy into the blogs, forums, companies, books, products, and open source solutions can help you solve any problem you have. These are the genius inventors in the ecosystem.

Some people have been left out who should be referenced in this site. This is inevitable given that:

  • we do not know everyone in the industry
  • we can only read English

We need your help to improve the content of this site, to add the missing people and content!

Contribute Content

No coding is necessary – just a basic understanding of:

  • Markdown. Specifically, this variation of it: Kramdown
  • Because column alignment is important in Markdown, a good editor such as CotEditor for Mac – though really any Courier font editor will do, including NotePad++ for Windows
  • GitHub Hello World to edit your ‘forked’ version of the site and then issue a ‘pull request’ for us to merge in your changes.
  • Documentation theme for Jekyll. This was chosen to enable version control / change tracking and low editing overhead, while also offering a responsive design.

When making pull requests, we ask that you only add information, not remove anything currently. You can also use the comment system below (Disqus) if you wish to make content suggestions without going through GitHub.

How to Contribute Content

Contributing content to this site is easy! Simply follow these basic steps:

Login to Github or create an account for yourself.

Simple changes

  1. Press the “Edit me” button on the page containing the content you want to update.
  2. You will see a section showing Raw, Blame, History, and a pencil icon button. Press the pencil icon to edit the page.
  3. Change the content on the page and press the “Propose file change” button at the bottom.
  4. Press the “Create pull request” button.
  5. Leave a comment describing what you changed and press the “Create pull request” button again to finalize the submission.
  6. The maintainers of this site will review and merge your change and re-publish the site – generally within a day or two.
  7. DONE

Complex changes

  1. Navigate to the source repository for on GitHub.
  2. Press the “Fork” button.
  3. Press the Clone or download button and use your Git client to clone the repository.
  4. Install Jekyll on your computer.
  5. Change to the folder you placed the clone into in the previous step.
  6. Run “jekyll serve” to enable local preview.
  7. Browse to Your Local Preview.
  8. Modify the content files locally and refresh your browser to see them (after a 2-3 second automatic regeneration delay). You may want to start with files such as or _data\sidebars\mydoc_sidebar.yml
  9. When you are ready, push your changes back to your fork.
  10. Issue a pull request.
  11. The maintainers of this site will review and merge your change and re-publish the site – generally within a day or two.
  12. DONE

Thank you for contributing to the site!

End Users

Content will soon be added which demonstrates new and exciting features:

  • Verse Web Browser Based E-mail
  • iPad Notes Client Applications


Please explore the helpful links in the sidebar to find:

  • Links to help you improve your system administration skills
  • Helpful tools, including ones for a clean Notes Client re-install and NSD (crash) analysis


Please explore the helpful links in the sidebar to find:

  • Links to a variety of APIs
  • Development tools

Business Decision Makers

If you are a CIO or business executive considering migrating to or from Domino, content will soon be added such as:

  • recent industry articles showcasing Domino TCO
  • understanding how to own your data in a cloud first era
  • consider that to be competitive, you cannot by definition do the same thing as all of your competitors
  • ensure your staff is properly trained and certified on the technology that runs your business


Links to videos and other marketing material will soon be made available to help you articulate Notes/Domino values.


Special thanks to the contributors who have donated their time, ideas, and connections to the site: